Michal Iwanowski

Michal Iwanowski is a Polish-born, Cardiff-based artist and Head of Education and Training at Media Academy Cardiff. Michal studied Documentary Photography at the University of Wales, Newport, graduating in 2008. His work explores the relationship between landscape and memory; marking the silent passing of otherwise insignificant individuals and histories. 

In 2009, he won the Emerging Photographers award by Magenta Foundation, as well as being given an Honourable Mention at Px3 Prix De Photographie, Paris. Michal received Arts Council of Wales and Wales Arts International grants for his projects Clear of People and Fairy Fort Project and in 2012 had a residency in Kaunas, supported by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture.

Michal is based in Cardiff, and has been a member of the cARTrefu team since the project’s beginning in 2015. Working as an artist in phase one and mentor in phase two, Michal has continued as a cARTrefu artist for the third phase.

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