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The cARTrefu forum is our online community space to engage with other care homes and artists across Wales. (activity coordinators, wellbeing coordinators, care workers, and professional artists.) 

We know that some care homes have support networks as part of their care home group, and others have managed to set up care home groups within their region. These support networks are invaluable for those involved. However, through our work with care homes we meet so many activity coordinators who feel very alone in their work, and so, meeting others during our workshops has been hugely beneficial for them. This led us to think about how brilliant it would be for there to be a free platform to bring together all care home workers who deliver creative activities in their home, and allow everyone to chat, share, ask questions, swap ideas, receive or offer support, and most of all, make connections. So, we developed that platform and here it is. Please join and chat. Your input could make a world of difference to someone else, and maybe the other members can offer suggestions that you’ve never thought of. 

We’ve also worked with many artists across Wales who have experience in, or are interested in, working with residents in care homes. We invite these artists to join this community to offer guidance where possible, but also to learn from the experiences of other members which in turn will aid their delivery when working with care home residents. 

This is a safe space, so we ask you to use the forum responsibly and please be respectful of other members. Anyone breaking these rules will be removed from the community. 

The forum is moderated by the project coordinator.

How do I join?

Anyone can visit the forum and look at the public sections. However, to post on the forum you need to join the cARTrefu forum as a member. Membership is free

I’m having trouble using the forum – who can I contact?

If you would like to find out more about the cARTrefu forum or experience any difficulty signing up or using the forum, get in touch with us at 

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