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Cube host

cARTrefu Cube

cARTrefu Cube Exhibition Information for Venues

Are you interested in hosting the cARTrefu Cube at your venue? 

One of the aims of the cARTrefu project is to use exhibitions to raise public awareness of creative life in care homes, through the art work that has been created with and inspired by the people living in, working in and visiting care homes. 

cARTrefu artists live and work all over Wales, and through touring our cARTrefu Cube, we’re able to bring the work of local artists to the public, through relationships with venues such as yours. 

The Cube

We’re really excited about our cARTrefu Cube and we’re always looking for new venues to host the Cube and expand its tour around Wales, to share the work that‘s been created through the cARTrefu project.

The Cube is freestanding and self-contained, and is 2.025m x 2.025m x 2.025m, made of a steel structure surrounded by clear polycarbonate. 

It’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use; and can contain static artwork, or performance based work, if there are specific events that it could be part of. We’re offering the Cube for six to eight weeks at a time. 

Our artists have developed a wealth of work ready for exhibition, so we’re happy to discuss with you the sort of work that you might like to see in it, if you were to host it. 

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