Laura Reynolds

Laura has been a practicing artist since 1999, holding a BA Hons in Ceramics and an MA in Fine Art from Swansea College of Art. After graduating in 1999, she created Swansea’s first pop up gallery and founded Applied Arts Un. Ltd, a community arts organisation dedicated to encouraging pride and participation in visual arts in Swansea and beyond. 

Laura has worked with numerous schools, residential homes, community groups and organisations including: Arts Council of Wales, City & County of Swansea Council, Communities First, DACE Swansea, WCVA and Urban Foundry. 

Laura recently exhibited her cARTrefu work in the cARTrefu Cube at the Taliesin, Swansea University, and at Craft in The Bay, Cardiff. 

Laura is based in Swansea, and has worked as a cARTrefu artist since 2017.

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