Beth Greenhalgh

Born in Huddersfield, Beth studied Time Based Practice at Cardiff School of Art and Design. After graduating in 2006 she has continued to exhibit and organise Art and Art events nationally and internationally. Her work has featured as part of Experimentica Cardiff, NRLA Glasgow, National Eisteddfod Wales, Croatia: My Land Staglinec, Holland: The Hague, Drag, Berlin: Black and blue and Estonia: Tallin Tartu Pernu, Diverse Universe festival and residency. 

She has worked for art organisations such as Trace, Protoplay and to this day tactileBOSCH.

Her work utilizes highly aesthetic scenes to evoke uncanny ritual and images alluding to a mythical reality based on a distorted “popular culture”. 

Beth is based in Cardiff, and has worked as a cARTrefu artist since 2017.

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