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Sound Work

Sound work

This activity will need a little preparation. Using a recording device, Dictaphone or voice recorder (such as one on your phone) collect sounds to share with a group or individual. Examples include bird song, the sea, music the residents enjoy, parts of old films the residents would’ve seen, historic facts from the local area or weird and wonderful stories from the local area.

This activity is a great way of having a nostalgic moment and exploring the joy the residents will have found in moments outside the home. It allows for great story telling, memories and even singing or quoting parts of their favourite films. 

In a room using a speaker, play back the moments you’ve captured and between each one pause for stories and responses from the residents. Explain you’d like to record a paragraph, quote, song or sound effect based on what memories were sparked. 

Radio is something that the residents will be familiar with. Use this as an example, suggesting that the recordings are for a radio show. 

With material collected you can make your own radio programme and share with participants and other residents within the home. 

This activity is open-ended and can keep being added to and evolving over several sessions.

Materials Required:

  • Recording device (such as voice recorder on phone) or
  • Dictaphone
  • A speaker (bluetooth will connect to most phones or a phono to phono lead will work just as well)
  • old dvds and cds
  • recordings that inspire content
  • tablet or laptop to splice sounds into a format (some phones have apps that achieve this too)
  • headphones for hard of hearing residents.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Prior to activity, use a recording device to capture sounds that’ll inspire a creative response from the residents.
  2. At the activity, suggest you’d like to share some recordings
  3. Play one of the recordings then pause for reactions. Continue this pattern until recordings end.
  4. Record reactions, creative responses to add to your own radio programme
  5. Have fun with this and then play back though speakers or headphones.
  6. As this is portable take your radio show to other residents through the home. If they want to share something record that too.

Ideas for Further Activities With This Idea:

Maybe record bits of music performed by the residents and create jingles.

Themed events, films or music events, historic events. Using dress up and quotes. Film or sound record.


Ways to adapt for less able residents:

Sometimes hearing (with headphones if needed) a favourite song, historic event or quote from a film can inspire a smile, connection and story

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