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shadow drawing

Shadow drawings

Following the sun or using a torch to create drawings and then patterns. 

Materials Required:

  • Paper
  • Pencils, felt tip pens, chalk or charcoal
  • Sticks if extending the reach of the residents, pens/pencils can be taped to make longer drawing equipment
  • Torch if no sunshine & interesting shaped objects or hands! 

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Put the paper on a windowsill or a larger piece of paper on the floor, find a good sun patch or use a torch.
  2. Draw around the dark shapes, plant shapes make great trees! Use a pencil, pen, crayon whatever is comfortable and easy for residents to use. Charcoal can be messy but in pencil form moves easily on paper. If working outside use coloured chalk to follow shadows.
  3. Collect the drawings together and photocopy them
  4. Use the photocopies to share with other residents who might like to colour them in or create patterns.
  5. Make a larger collaborative piece of work stick the drawings together to create abstract pattern designs. 

Ideas for Further Activities with This Idea:

The Shadow Drawings can be made on a smaller scale and collaged together making a large piece for a corridor or bigger space at another session for a birthday or another celebration.

Or rolling out a piece of lining paper in a lounge and inviting residents, families and carers to work together using longer drawing sticks form their chairs.

The shapes created by the drawings if again photocopied can be cut up and used to make hangings creating mobiles that can hang in windows creating more shapes and shadows if stuck onto card.

It could become part of Big Draw Project in October and an intergenerational project.

Telling stories through shapes on a big sheet, using a light to make shadows with a torch 


Ways to adapt for less able residents:

By photocopying the drawings less able residents can also be involved, by perhaps laying the copies down and putting them back together in different variations, creating new ideas for patterns or colouring ideas. Sharing drawings made by more able residents or by swapping a drawing and asking them to continue the line or mark, any mark can make a link for someone else to follow or make something with.

Ways to adapt from group to individual and vice versa:

It adapts well to an individual working in their room or for a group. Groups and individuals can use different materials, working together as a team one person holding a torch and another making a shape or holding something up, while someone else draws or takes a picture . 

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